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Protect Environment Because It Protects Us.

Radhe Industrial Corporation is experienced multi-talented Briquetting machine manufacturer company. Since 1991 RICO has been one of the best manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Briquetting machine, Briquetting plant and Briquetting press.

The main motto to manufacture Briquetting machine is not only earn revenue from that but preserve the environment. Our chief goal is customer satisfaction and we always stand by with their difficulties. We offer esteems quality of Briquetting machine and have vast experience in this field. We do not only supply our machine in India but export same machine to outside also. Our clients are located across the world.

To Use urban technology and provide innovative range of Briquette plant machine is our tradition. We have highly trained and technical person who always gives a better quality. Our infinite innovation and technological up gradation to create a world class portfolio of Briquetting plants, is our duty to preserve environment that decrease carbon emission caused by unnecessary industrial and other forms of emissions so we encourage the use of biomass briquettes.

It’s no wonder RADHE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION is really a green force dedicated to creating a reliable and strong industrial environment.

Jumbo 90

Jumbo-90 briquettnig machine is a key product offered by RICO. Jumbo-90 bracketing machine is able to grind and mix up any type of raw material which is available near the area of users. It is made with super quality of parts and give maximum production of briquettes with less effort. This machine is specially designed for huge production of briquettes. As compared to other machine jumbo-90 is only able to grind any type of waste in usable form with low cost of electricity.

Jumbo-90 Briquetting press machine was commenced by RICO in 1997 first time in India.

Super 70

The Super-70 Briquetting machine is specially designed for the industry where medium level production is needed and medium levels of raw material available. This Briquetting machine is specially designed with advanced technology it saves the cost supervision. If raw material size is up to 12 mm, so no need to grind raw material directly we can grind into super-70 briquetitng machine.


If raw material contains moisture than first of all raw material must be passed through flash air dryer. The main function of flash air dryer is removal of outside wet or moisture from a feed product. it is mostly used for drying the organic material like sawdust, rice husk and other moisture raw material.

First raw material pieces entered into flash air dryer it separates all material and dry all material . Our technical team can design special flash dryer for Briquetting press machine.


Cutter and crusher are generally used for the threshing raw material having size above 25mm. Our Briquetting press machine generally accepts raw material below 25 mm size but raw material size exceeds to limit then there is a need for cutter machine. It is made with latest technology and convert all large pieces into small pieces. And then all the pieces are enough capable to directly put into Briquetting machine. The best example of the cutter is tree barks.

Hammer mill

RICO offers best quality of hammer mill for grinding of biomass waste such as jute shell, groundnut , cotton etc. All the wastage raw material grinds in this machine and cutter makes it in powder form.if raw material size is 1 to 25mm than then crusher machine through it converts in powder form and ready to make briquettes. The power consumption is less than other equipment.

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