Radhe Briquetting Plant

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Raw Material

The raw materials that have no more profitable can be used for the manufacturing of the biofuel briquettes. The bio coal briquettes are made from the low density agricultural residues, forestry residues, wood waste and other kind of organic waste by applying high pressure without any binding agent. The suitable raw materials for biomass briquette plants are sawdust, bark, forestry leaves, rice husk, almond shells, cumin waste, cotton stalk and flowers, macoddana bhells, bittlenut shells, jute waste, groundnut shells, bamboo dust, coffee husk, bagasse, etc. The saw dust biomass briquette plant offers eco-friendly production of white coal briquettes. Based on the compactness of the raw materials and moisture content in the raw materials, briquette machine production capacity varies.


  • briquettes
    Cotton Salk
  • machine briquette
    Cotton Flower
  • machine a briquette
    Bittlenut Shells
  • briquette machines
    Forest Leaves
  • briquette manufacturers
    Macoddana Bhells
  • briquette factory
    Almond Shells
  • pellet machine
    Castor Seed Shells
  • biomass pellets
    Cummin Waste
  • coal briquetting
    Groundnut Shells
  • coal briquette
    Jute Waste

Calorific Value Of Raw Materials

Raw Materials Approx K Cal / Kg
Bark (wood) 3900
Bagasse (sugar Cane) 4200
Bamboo Dust 3700
Cotton Stalk 3800
Coir Pitch 4000
Maize Stalks 3800
Pine Niddles 4000
Rice Husk 3500
Rice Straw 3500
Sar Khanda Grass 3700
Coffee Husk 4200
Ground Nut Shell 4000
Castor Seed Shell 4000
Jute Waste 4500
Mustarad Husk 4500

Calorific Value Of Fuel Materials

Raw Materials Approx K Cal / Kg
Sugar Mill Waste 3300
Sugar Cane Trash 3500
Wheat Straw 3700
Arhar Stalik 4000
Saw Dust 4000
Heavy Furnace Oil 9900
Kerosene 8900
Diesel 9400
Lpg 9400
Coal Grade 'b' 5000
Coal Grade 'c' 4000
Fire Wood 3300
Char Coal 6000
Calorific Value Of Briquette "white Coal" 4000

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