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Finished Product Biomass Briquettes

In the current scenario where the biomass thermal power plant projects are established in which the biomass briquettes are the only fuel. These briquettes can also be used as a substitute of the black coal, lignite, kerosene, furnace oil, diesel and wood in industrial and thermal applications. Biomass briquettes are eco-friendly, biodegradable,pollution free and non-conventional energy resource. The manufacturing process is nature friendly as briquettes are made without any binder through binder less technology.

Biomass briquettes having the property like high calorific value, low carbon content, high density and high quality, smokeless and odorless burning as compared to fossil fuels. These biomass briquettes are of fixed shape and volume that leads to easy storage and easy transportation. Due to the features like low moisture content and high bulk density, briquettes offer higher boiler efficiency as compared to loose biomass. Hence, the use of the bio briquettes is increasing day by day and it becomes very demandable biofuel in the market due to its cost effective and pollution free nature.


  • The biofuel briquette needs to be stored in a dry place.
  • It should not direct contact with water and fire.
  • Maximum possible temperature is 800 °C to 900 °C by using biomass briquettes.

Why Briquette Is The Best Eco-Friendly Biofuel?

Due to the following advantages, briquette is the perfect ideal biofuel:

  • Economical and cost effective biofuel.
  • High thermal calorific value than ordinary coal.
  • Renewable energy resource that is totally pollution free.
  • Lower ash content, approximately 2 – 5%. There is no fly ash while burning.
  • High burning efficiency.
  • Low moisture content.
  • It does not produce any sulfuric or phosphoric gases which harms our environment.
  • Uniform combustion due to uniform shape and volume.
  • Easy to store, maintain and transport as compared to other fuel.

Applications Of Biomass Briquettes

There are innumerous industries that use finished product biomass briquettes for thermal applications.

  • Food processing industries
  • Vegetable plants
  • Milk plant
  • Sugar mill industries
  • Paper mill industries
  • Spinning mill industries
  • Refractory industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Brick kiln and ceramics industries
  • Leather industries
  • Gasifier system application
  • Rubber industries
  • Dyeing units
  • Textile units
  • Solvent Extraction plant
  • Lamination industries

Specifications of the finished product biomass briquettes


Calorific value around 4000 Kcal/kg.
Shape & Size cylindrical & 90 mm DIA.
Raw Materials agro-waste, forestry residues and any type of bio-waste.
Moisture Content below 8%
Ash Content 2 – 7 %
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